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Most homeowners do think about their roofs until something happens to it. Roofs receive the more abuse from harsh weather than any other part of your home. A high quality roof is an important asset to any home as it protects your family, yourself and all of your important belongings.

Here at Hallman Roofing, LLC, we are a premiere roof repair specialist with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We understand that your roof is important to your structure and therefore needs to be taken care of immediately before further damage comes to. We work to get your roof repaired in an urgent manner and on budget.

Hallman Roofing, LLC are experts in roof repair and are prepared to provide you with a roof that will last for many years to come. Call us today at (910) 228-7641 if you reside Wilmington, NC or the surrounding areas for more information on our roof repair services.

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Roof Repair

There are a multitude of reasons that you may need roof repair but the number one signal that it is time for someone to look at your roof is a fresh water stain on your ceiling! After that it is the dreaded sound of a loud thud heard from above implying that a large limb has just fallen on your roof. Your initial reaction may be to curl up in a ball or possibly grab a bucket to place under the leak.

The cost of replacing a roof can be in the thousands of dollars and the majority of homeowners do not budget for issues of this magnitude. Regardless if you have budgeted or not the leaking roof needs to be addressed ASAP as the longer you wait the worse the problem will become and the more it will cost you to repair.

A fallen tree branch or leak doesn’t necessarily mean excessive damage has occurred that would need a full roof replacement. If caught early enough the cost to repair a roof is a fraction of replacement. Roof repairs can be as simple as replacing or reattaching the flashing or installing a few new shingles. The average roof repair costs less than $1000 where as to replace your entire roof can be upwards of $6000. If you are more of the DIY type then you can address the leak for less than $30 which would be the cost of a bundle of shingles at your local hardware store.

Below you will find the common areas we check to determine what roof repair is needed. If the thought of getting on your roof makes your legs shake then contact the professionals at Hallman Roofing for an evaluation of what is happening with your roof.

Disclaimer: Extreme caution is needed when working on a roof due to the dangerous nature of the work and potential for injury or death. Should you choose to perform any of the following repairs yourself Hallman Roofing is not liable for any injury to yourself or property. It is always safer to hire a professional for all roof repairs.



1. Damaged Vent Boot

A vent boot is a piece of rubber that goes around the base of a vent in your roof. It is typically tucked under the surround shingles and caulking is used to ensure a watertight seal. It functions like flashing seals do on other parts of your roof and could be the source of your leak.

If you determine this to be the case you will need to remove the damaged boot and replace with a new one. This process will also involve caulking, elevating the surrounding shingles, and nailing everything back in place.

2. Missing or Damaged Shingles

It is not uncommon to find that you have a few damaged or missing shingles on your roof as the root cause of your leak. This is typically caused by:

  • Animals that crack or break them
  • Storms that pry them loose or blow them off
  • Protective granules wear away
  • Hail damage causes them to crack or break
  • Standing water weigh on them

This is remedied by removing the old worn shingles and replacing them. If you have standing water you need to fix that issue or the new shingles will also fail prematurely. Keeping your gutters clean aids in proper drainage.

3. Damaged Flashing

Material that covers and protects the intersection between skylights or chimneys and the roof is called flashing. Flashing is also used for venting pipes beneath your roofing material. Manufactured from sheet metal or plastic over time it can begin to wear, crack and come loose.

When this happens the area around the fixtures are left exposed to the elements and begin to leak. As with vent boots the remedy to this issue is to remove and replace the flashing.

4. Compromised Sealant

Sealant is used where two different materials meet such as flashing and a skylight or around a vent boot and the vent. As the sealant ages it begins to crack and becomes less effective at keeping water outside of your home.

To fix leaks due to sealant you need to apply new tar or re-apply caulking to the area. If this is not done a leak that can be fixed with a $6 tube of caulk can result in thousands of dollars of damage to the structure of your home.

5. Puncture Holes

Falling branches, animals and weather can all cause significant punctures and holes in your roof. If you are experiencing a hole in the roof of your home it is in your best interest to have a professional handle the repair. They typically involve multiple steps to remedy all the damage that has occured and can even involve reframing the roof itself. If the hole is small you may be tempted to use materials such as a tarp or caulk to cover and seal the hole. While this will temporarily fix a leak if you do not follow it with a proper repair moisture will begin to seep through which leads to much bigger problems.

6. Corrosion on Vertical Slits

Each roofing tile has a vertical slit which can corrode easily and become a vulnerable area. When water enters this area all of the underlying roofing material becomes exposed.

With the salt air present in the Wilmington area the only solution is to replace the corroded shingles as quickly as possible to avoid further damage.

Aesthetic damage and leaks are generally fixed without needing to have an entirely new roof installed on your house. Sometimes though a new roof installation is the best option available to you and is a wise investment for the life of your home. If your home is greater than 15 – 20 years old or if you are experiencing leaks in multiple locations throughout the dwelling you should have your roof inspected by a professional such as those at Hallman Roofing. Contact us by clicking to call below.

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